How Our Proven Process Helped Your Neighbor Achieve An Amazing Price

Here’s How Our Proven Process Helped Your Neighbor Achieve An Amazing Price….The Highest Sold Price in the last 4 years.

I think you’ll agree this is an unusual story…

This story starts 4 years ago.

Unbeknownst to Karen, the agents she’d been working with, over the past 4+ years, were using a price-driven approach to sell her home.  And the results were mediocre at best.  (She wasn’t using the value-driven approach…; like so many, she probably didn’t know any differently).  This price-driven approach garnered her a couple of lowball offers, during that 4-year stretch, but nothing close to what she needed to make the sale.

She had a nice house. She bought it, updated it, and renovated it to make it a home for years to come. It shouldn’t have lingered for 4 years on the market. But it had done just that. Almost assuredly the result of improper positioning. Best I can tell, the previous listings and agents offered no staging, no professional photography and no compelling story. In other words, all of the critical aspects that lead to prospective buyers becoming emotionally attached to the property were missing in this equation. Through no fault of Karen’s. She’d simply been poorly led. I was about to make sure that didn’t happen again.

We scheduled a time to meet and chat.  She had some tough questions.  She was nervous and pessimistic.

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