How Our Proven Process Helped Your Neighbor Achieve An Amazing Price

Here’s How Our Proven Process Helped Your Neighbor Achieve An Amazing Price….The Highest Sold Price in the last 4 years.

I think you’ll agree this is an unusual story…

This story starts 4 years ago.

Unbeknownst to Karen, the agents she’d been working with, over the past 4+ years, were using a price-driven approach to sell her home.  And the results were mediocre at best.  (She wasn’t using the value-driven approach…; like so many, she probably didn’t know any differently).  This price-driven approach garnered her a couple of lowball offers, during that 4-year stretch, but nothing close to what she needed to make the sale.

She had a nice house. She bought it, updated it, and renovated it to make it a home for years to come. It shouldn’t have lingered for 4 years on the market. But it had done just that. Almost assuredly the result of improper positioning. Best I can tell, the previous listings and agents offered no staging, no professional photography and no compelling story. In other words, all of the critical aspects that lead to prospective buyers becoming emotionally attached to the property were missing in this equation. Through no fault of Karen’s. She’d simply been poorly led. I was about to make sure that didn’t happen again.

We scheduled a time to meet and chat.  She had some tough questions.  She was nervous and pessimistic.

I listened as she told me what it was like to live in this beautiful home.  To raise her children there.  How plans had changed.  And, how she had new dreams and goals.

By the time we met, she had already bought another house and moved in.  She was at her tipping point. To say time was of the essence and maximum profit was a must, would have been an understatement for Karen.

After I illustrated the differences between the approach that caused her home to remain on the market 4 years and my proposed strategy, for once, Karen was cautiously optimistic and eager to get started. It was time for all of us to get to work.

First step – the diagnosis, starting with the home staging consultation, followed by assessing repair work and gathering bids for minor improvements. Next step – doing the essential work, to capitalize on an opportunity.

Next step – an impressive set of professional photos, that help tell the home’s ‘story.’ And so on and so forth.It’s a scientific process, discussed in the book.

Maximum value doesn’t ‘just happen,’ it must be purposefully engineered every step of the way.

6 weeks of intense preparation ensued.

Kudos to Karen for sticking to the game plan. There are no shortcuts to maximizing the perceived and realized value of your home.

She was a trooper and able to see the vision.  She believed in our strategy and FULLY implemented every part of her customized plan.

In the end, it all paid off, when she got an acceptable offer.  We had a sale.  And the offer she accepted was for “the highest contract price” that any home in Huntington Court had sold for in the past 4+ years.

Karen was ecstatic, surprised, and even shocked.

She needed a certain price for her home to be able to net the profit needed, and she got it.  But, she didn’t think her home would set a record.  That wasn’t her goal.

I was not shocked at all. I have come to expect this result. Our clients have experienced the same or greater results by applying our documented approach to selling real estate. By positioning a home to the market in the best possible manner, a unique trigger occurs in the minds of buyers and we are able to tap into that to attract the right buyer to the homes we sell, for the maximum profit.

If you are thinking of selling your home and may need a certain ‘net profit’ in order to justify your move.  If you would like for me to show you, how this value-driven approach, that I am known for can put up to $30,000 or more of additional profit in your pocket, don’t hesitant to reach out to me.

– Hal Cone

PS – Please plan accordingly.  It took Karen 6 weeks of intense preparation, working from a detailed checklist I provided.  But, please plan ahead.  Don’t wait!  Maximum profit doesn’t just happen.  It’s engineered, from step one.

PPS – I only work with 4 to 5 clients at a time in order to have the focus to apply all aspects of my unique approach.